Westham vs Fulham: Lookman apologises for poor penalty kick but will he get another chance?

Westham vs Fulham: Lookman apologises for poor penalty kick

Fulham lost a great chance of sharing 3 points with West Ham following a poor penalty kick from Ademola Lookman at stoppage time over the weekend.

Lookman was given the chance to help Fulham equalize the the scoreline but the 23-year-old took the penalty kick with so little power that West Ham goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski had time to dive and stand himself up once more before catching the ball.

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In a post match statement, Fulham boss Scott Parker expressed his frustration after the penalty miss.

“The penalty – the boy has made a mistake, that’s clear. You can miss a penalty, but you can’t miss a penalty like that. He knows that. When you’re young you have to learn quick.

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“He’s disappointed and rightly so. Everyone can miss penalties of course but in a certain way. This is football, growing as an individual and we’ll learn from this.

“I’m not going to shirk away from the penalty miss, I’m angry, and he [Lookman] is as well. You just can’t miss a penalty like that. If you take one like that, you have to score.”

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And reacting to the miss, Lookman says he takes full responsibility and promised to score if he gets another chance from the spot.

“I take full responsibility and onus for it. To my teammates, manager and the supporters I vow to put the next one in. I will not let one failure hold me back,” he wrote on his verified Twitter handle.

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With Fulham now seated at the 17th spot with four points and a point outside the relegation zone, it is uncertain if Lookman will be given such a chance to take a similar penalty if the opportunity avail itself again, only an improvement during training can guarantee his chances of taking a shot in future



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