Why You Need To Learn To Say ‘NO’


Many individuals find it hard to say NO even if it means it going to be a discomfort to them when they say Yes.

They give a Yes answer not because they can help with that finance or solve that problem without hurting themselves but because they don’t know how to turn down other people.

Many are scared of breaking a long term bond, desire to conform or not to be perceived as being rude among others.

However, at some point in life, saying No will help save you from a difficult situation. This is because saying Yes at times comes with consequences you might not be able to stand.

If you keep saying Yes to everybody when are you going to ever have time for yourself. Some individuals go as far as having sleepless nights to satisfy.

This doesn’t have to be so!

Below are some reasons you should learn to say No

1. To manage your time

Every time you say Yes when you meant to Say No takes some of the time you could have used to achieve something for yourself. Time is limited and managing is how we can utilize it to the latter.

2. To be happy

Saying No means you control your time. You control what goes into your day. It is a sign you are in charge of your life and not under pressure to prove any point.

3. To set boundary

You don’t have to be a doormat to everyone, when you don’t set boundaries people tend to assume you should do anything for them by default. When you say no, you start to set boundaries and protect your personal space.

Saying No doesn’t mean you are a bad person, rather it shows you are willing to help if it is within your power and not out to satisfy others above your means.


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