Why You Should Consider Betting On Supa Bet


Sports betting is a big industry in South Africa and one of the key players in the industry is Supa Bet, which has over the years created a name for itself.

With the presence of numerous bookmakers in South Africa, every of them try to standout by creating a unique feature to attract prospective bettors to their sites and also make sure they continue to come back to play the available games.

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When it comes to SupaBets, the platform was founded in 2008 and is owned by Portapa Ltd. It however founded it South African website in 2014.

One of the features that makes SupaBets stand out is that it has more than 90 retail branches across Africa, with presence in South Africa, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia,Tanzania among others. This makes it clearly one of the biggest bookmakers in Africa. It also means it is a brand that can be trusted in terms of sports betting services.

Supabets has also been able to build a strong reputation for itself with punters on the internet, with most queries about payments being resolved.

Like other sports betting sites, SupaBets has a list of bonuses for bettors which include, a no deposit bonus, first deposit bonus and daily promotions.

One of the sports events SupaBets is known for is horse racing.

According to the reports, when SupaBets first started, it did not have horse racing wagers available but this has changed with a strong selection of European, USA and South African odds now available.

You will find every race meeting in South Africa in SupaBets racing markets, which include both foreign and local racing.

In addition, SupaBets has a good website interface that makes it easy to stake bets at your convenience.

You may want to give it a trial.


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