11 Holiday Destinations You Don’t Want To Miss In South Africa


Catching the holiday vibe and lost for places to visit? South Africa has you covered with resorts, game reserves, among other fascinating centres in cities bustling with activities you’d love to participate in.

With 11 major cities that spark your interest in the arts, culture, history, and nature you are left with no other option than to experience the pleasant surprises tucked away in these select destinations.

Find that special place for you and your loved one(s) in the most southern part of Africa right here.

Here are the 11-holiday destination you don’t want to miss in South Africa

  1. Cape Town

Holiday destination - cape town

Those who say you haven’t been to South Africa if you haven’t combed through the corners of Cape Town may have lied about other things but not on this one. 

The sparkling waters that welcome you in and the archetypal Table Mountain scenery all contribute to making this famous city the country’s most-visited place.

In Cape Town, you are certain of mind-blowing experiences – from visiting the renowned wineries in Stellenbosch to whale watching and then cage diving with great white sharks.

The amazing topography of Table Mountain National Park is also there for your viewing pleasure. This place makes a good background for your photos.

Hardly would you find a regrettable moment in Cape Town, with a rich and diverse arts and culture. And not to be forgotten is Robben Island which, alongside other neighbouring localities, serves as an insight into the city’s recent troubled past.

2. Durban

Holiday destination - durban

Blessed with the largest port in Africa, Durban offers you an authentic cosmopolitan experience with a robust Indian population mixed with Kwa-Zulu residents.

The encompassing Indian Ocean coast creates a scenic harbour. And the beautiful waterfront lining the broad public beaches is frequently enjoyed by many Jo’burgers.

Durban will leave a feeling of satisfaction in you.

3. Johannesburg

holiday destination - johannesburg

Famed for being the largest city in South Africa and simultaneously the economic hub of sub-Saharan Africa, this city of around ten million residents sheds light on the country’s tragic past. This is what makes a visit to the Apartheid Museum a top choice. 

Yes, there is no place like home but there is also no place like Johannesburg.

While the city’s notoriety is expressed through an obvious class structure with a huge disparity between the lower class and the upper class which makes crime and poverty inevitable, there are enough eye-catching wonders of this city that provides you with a memorable experience.

4. Pretoria

holiday destination - pretoria

Barely fifty kilometres away from Johannesburg, you’ll find something worthwhile in the country’s executive capital.

With leafy streets designed by lovely, ancient buildings, you will have a lot to do in Pretoria.

A great time to visit is during spring – you’ll get to witness the awesome bloom of the jacarandas.

It might also interest you to know that Pretoria was the capital of the brutal apartheid regime. It is also still a majority of Afrikaner city.

A safe city, Pretoria boasts of fascinating museums that tell the story of South Africans. There’s also a vibrant nightlife here.

5. Port Elizabeth

Holiday Destinations - Port Elizabeth

A stop at Port Elizabeth will fulfil your desire to enjoy the beaches surrounding the Indian Ocean.

There is also Algoa Bay’s Addo Elephant National Park which offers you the wonderful opportunity to catch sight of extrinsic wildlife. 

You will also enjoy your stay at the exquisite hotels. The restaurants here will suit your taste buds. And there are a few charming ancient architectures that are pleasing to the eyes.

6. East London

In East London which is set on the coast of Eastern Cape, there’s an artless centre that doesn’t do much for visitors until the dazzling waterfront is reached.

At Nahoon Beach, there’s an opportunity to enjoy surfing. Also along the coast are well-cared-for parks and beaches for your pleasure.

Acclaimed as a transport centre, East London grants visitors access to the Transkei or the quaint little towns that dot the coast to either side of it. 

7. Kimberley

Here, you’ll find the fascinating Big Hole and the accompanying recreated mining settlement in Northern Cape. It presents an opportunity to experience how Kimberley used to be. 

With magnificent museums and beautiful ancient buildings imbued with history, there’s a lot to do in Kimberley. Of course not forgetting a dash of decent hotels and restaurants.

Situated amid the Diamond Fields, Kimberley is also famed for being the origin of de Beers. 

8. Grahamstown

The erstwhile centre of bloody wars between Europeans and the Xhosa, there is pleasant old architecture and churches in Grahamstown that creates images of old England and suggests its foremost position in Settler Country. 

There is now a lively university known for a vibrant arts scene. It also includes the huge National Arts Festival. There is also an abundance of nature reserves that gives you the opportunity to see the Big Five Game – lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, and buffalo.

A scenic place with energetic bars, restaurants, and nightlife, Grahamstown offers little boredom and a lot of fun memories.

9. Upington

Found on the banks of the Orange River which waters its lush gardens and date palm avenues, Upington is a beautiful holiday destination that offers you calm and serenity. 

Here, you’ll get to enjoy the nice views as well as meditate in the quiet. Also for your pleasure is the incredible Augrabies Falls and the Kalahari Desert. And it is guaranteed for visitors to enjoy walking along the riverfront.

10. Plettenberg Bay

A highly sought-after holiday destination in South Africa, Plettenberg Bay takes pride in its breathtaking setting, picturesque mountains, and beautiful white beaches bordering the dark blue water.

From whale watching to interesting outdoor activities to participate in, there’s no dull moment in this city located on the Garden Route.

11. Mossel Bay

This city provides a lot of outdoor activities, particularly on the beautiful beaches. The pounding waves here enable you to have a good time while surfing.

Here, there is no way you won’t be tempted to go sky-diving or take a hike along the coast.  The soft sands also make for pleasant enjoyment. 

It will be worth your time to stop by here as you’ll get to witness the casual and friendly vibe the city presents, notwithstanding the seeming unattractiveness due to its industrial sprawl. 

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