10 Historical Landmarks To See In Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls
Aerial shots of the Victoria Falls, Southern Africa

From waterfalls to rocks and caves, Zimbabwe is blessed with historical landmarks that would delight any tourist lover.

Picked Zimbabwe as a tourist location? You have chosen right. Make it part of your bucket list to see some of the best historical landmarks in the country.

Here are 10 historical landmarks that would please you as you explore through the depths of Zimbabwe.

Chinhoyi Caves, Mashonaland West

Come here to see this group of traditional and very majestic caves. Here, there are deep lakes measuring up to 172 meters. These high waters offer the opportunity to see clouds and birds flying over from about 30 metres of depth inside the cave lake.

Chirinda Big Tree, Manicaland

Found in the Chirinda forest, this is a gigantic African Mahogany standing tall at about 64 metres. It keeps growing in one of the southernmost African rainforests.

Sandawana Emerald Mines, Masvingo

The small, deep-coloured and very clear emeralds here are the oldest in the world with some that have been in existence for over 2 billion years.

Mutarazi Falls, Manicaland

About 762 metres tall, this is the highest waterfall in Zimbabwe, second highest in Africa and 17th highest in the world. Visitors will love the walk through the shadowy forest before turning through the heathland to arrive at the viewpoint with its magnificent views over the Honde valley.


Come to the Midlands to see the remains of the Danamombe archaeological site which was built in the 17th to 18th centuries. Danamombe also has a strong and rich history as it used to be one of the centres of the ancient Rosvi culture.

Bambata Cave, Matebeland South

This archaeological site has fine rock painting. Here, you will see a frieze with painted giraffes, elephants, warthogs and other animals.

Malindidzimu, Matebeland South

Situated in the Matobo National Park, Malindidzimu (literally translated as World’s View) is a summit regarded as a sacred place and a national treasure by the people of Zimbabwe. White settlers such as Cecil Rhodes, Charles Coghlan, and Allan Wilson have been buried here.

Mother and Child Kopje

The Mother and Child Kopje can be found in Zimbabwe’s oldest national park, Matobo National Park. They are impressive balancing rocks that stand tall above the surroundings.

St. Anne’s Pegmatite, Mashonaland West

Here are precious gemstones including the blue topaz, blue euclase, aquamarine, among others.

Victoria Falls

This list is obviously incomplete without the legendary Victoria Falls. Bordering between Zambia and Zimbabwe, this waterfall is known as the ‘Smoke that thunders’ in the local Tonga language is the largest single film of falling water in the world and 70% of the beautiful views are seen from the Zimbabwe rain forest.

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