Sports Betting: How To Predict Accurately The Outcomes Of Football Matches In 2021


Football is a popular sport in South Africa. It is loved by many and a source of income to many people. In order to earn from football, you must be able to predict the outcomes of some selected games.

Football predictions are not rocket science. Its something you can learn today and start immediately. There are no hard rules for it but you must be ready to work with your mind. Because it’s a Mind game.

It’s a game of luck, you must be able to read, analyse and then predict the game. The ability to read and analyse is what separates amateurs from professionals.

Soccer prediction is about numbers – statistics. There are data everywhere that you can turn to make an informed decision. Learn how to predict football matches accurately in this article and win big every day.

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1 Goal Expectancy data

Like I said earlier, football prediction is a number’s game. Look at the past records, team performances, and records against/ between the teams about to play. Its pure maths! And you can get data from sports analysts, sporting sites, sports forums/ communities, listening to commentators and reading sports news.

2. Goal Differential

Goal differential can mean a lot in your decision to predict the outcome of any football matches ahead of time.

To start with you must check if there is any player who has a good and consistent goal scoring records against the team. This is important because sometimes, players often find their top gear when they face a certain team. Then project your outcomes by using past goal scoring data of the overall team and that should save you the day.

3. Team Starting Lineup

Sometimes, coaches opt for a partial team rotation and sometimes it’s full rotation. Who plays in a match matters to you and can help you to properly determine or forecast the outcome of the game.

Are the first starting eleven all going to be involved or some key players will be missing? You should ask yourself this question and do your research.

4. Coach/ Managers Histories

This doesn’t directly mean a coach will always win all the time. But there are some cases where a coach has an excellent record against its opponent. And so, it’s worth considering as well. But mind you these tips are not to be looked at singularly. You have to tie the data together before you finally predict.

5. Shots on Target Statistics

Although, a team can be wasteful in front of goal the shot on target statistics can still be useful data to complement your chances of winning. Also beyond the shot on target is the percentage of goals scored. You can determine this by dividing the number of goals by the total number of shots on target.

6. Possession Play

Many people will try to convince you that possession does not count. I want you to remember that we are looking at aggregate data to arrive at a reasonable decision. I know it occurs in football matches where the team that dominant in possession don’t win and intact, end up losing the game. But that’s football! A team that won 7:0 yesterday can end up losing against a weaker, bottom-team side. So many data must be tied together here.

7. Keep a Personal Record

It’s important that you personally watch and keep records of winnings and on the matches, you lost.

Understand why it happened and know how to overcome it in the next predictions.

8. Follow expert football predictions

Finally, follow expert football predictions. If you want to win, look for someone who has been in the game before you. One of my mantras is “if you want to grow, go where the growth”.

knowledge and experience are what makes the difference between winning and losing in football predictions. Join forums, listen to analysts on television, radio and news publishing website to build your own experience.

When looking at football games, ensure you understand the teams involved very well before you proceed with your predictions.

Football prediction is fun only when you understand the strategy professional uses to win every time.


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