Thoughtful Gifts For The Ones You Love This Valentine’s


No one is saying that there has to be a specific day to give your partner a gift. But face it, some gifts help make whatever occasion you may be celebrating even more special.

And because you know your partner well enough to know the kind of gifts they’d like, this is simply a guide to help broaden your suggestions or options.

You’ll hopefully find here some of the most thoughtful gifts for the one(s) you love on Valentine’s Day and even beyond.

The Kodak Smile Camera

Find your lovely partner being short of words in appreciation of your thoughtful gift if you go for this. With the 10-megapixel Kodak Smile camera, your partner gets to enjoy modern ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology in addition to the erstwhile analogue style of photography. Packed with an LCD viewfinder display, 10-second timer, automatic flash, and a MicroSD card slot, the Kodak Smile Camera may just be the ultimate gift for your loved ones this season. And what’s not to love about that? It also has a built-in preview feature that makes it easy for photos to be reviewed and edited with filters and borders or transformed into a collage before printing. It retails at £99.99

Morpher Bike Helmet

This is an incredible flat folding helmet. It is great for campers and caravaners who travel with bikes and does enjoy cycling both on and off-road. With its CE1078 full safety certification, there is guaranteed protection wherever you may be. It retails at £74.99/£84.99

Pandora Women’s Bracelet Heart Lock 

This incredibly gorgeous-looking silver snake chain bracelet will certainly be an all-time favourite of your partner. A top-selling charm bracelet, it is hand-finished with a heart-shaped grip in Pandora Rose.

Q Cards – Couples Edition

These Q cards will get you through the depths of a deep romance. The couples edition will also fit into the atmosphere of a first date, dinner date, or dinner-party. The 52-pack question cards retail at £20. A few sample questions include: Which story about your life do you enjoy most telling? Which moment made you first fall for your partner? What stands out as your favourite birthday memory?

Moccis Moccasin Slippers Socks

Enjoy the comfort of the Sweden-made moccasin slipper socks which are also washing machine friendly as you snuggle next to your partner while romantic binge-watching Valentine’s movies. Easy to wear and non-slip, they retail at £25.00.


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