How To Use Your iPhone Camera To Take Amazing Photos During Travel

How To Use Your iPhone Camera To Take Amazing Photos During Travel

How To Use Your iPhone Camera To Take Amazing Photos During Travel

Most travel junkies will tell you for free that photos are the life of the journey and vacation.

So maybe you don’t even fall into that category. You are simply planning to go on a solo trip to explore a new place and capture great memories on your camera. That’s cool.

And if you have been on different trips alone only to be traveling with your partner or family this time around, then that’s great too.

Photos will still come in. And when they do, how do you handle the task?

The traditional DSLR Camera is, no doubt, famed for higher image resolution. Often a tourist’s first choice, the DSLR Camera is, however, not the only reliable way to take amazing snapshots during your travel experience.

The progressive innovations in iPhone camera technology have opened a new and less complex way of taking great travel photos.

All you’ll need is follow some useful tips and your iPhone camera is ready to be your best travel buddy.

Here are 7 tips on how to use your iPhone camera to take amazing travel shots that you will be proud of.

Do A Little Background Research

You’ll need to find out what you would love to capture. Stunning architecture? The locals? Food? Natural scenery? Your interest determines what you will do next.

For shots of nature, you will need to find out the right moment for your shot. During sunrise? Sunset? Will there be a foggy weather during your shoot? Take all these things into consideration to get the best of photos on your iPhone.

You should also be careful not to take shots of prohibited areas. In some places, some buildings are not to be snapped. You may risk being fined or even a jail-term.

Prepare Your Camera 

Even an iPhone camera needs to be prepared for the task ahead. It’s possible that dust, dirt or grease may have contaminated the lens, which will produce blurry and foggy looking images. So, you need to have a clean piece of fabric handy to clean the lens just before taking your shots.

You don’t also want to run short of battery and ruin your travel experience. A portable battery charger is a must-have if you will be relying on your iPhone to take photos.

Try To Take Unique Shots

Visiting the Pyramids of Giza? There’s already a thousand and one shots that probably look the same. Try to make your shots different. This applies to other locations. Try different angles and lightings. Make your photos unique.

Depict The Local Culture

There’s no way your travel photo shoot is complete without shots of the local culture. A great shot of a busy road or marketplace will do just great. And if you get to interact well with some of the locals, you can seek their permission to take beautiful photos of them. People will likely find it more comfortable to be snapped on a phone than on a conspicuous DSLR.

Use Humans In Natural Scenery 

To capture great shots of natural scenery, include a human being as the subject to add some depth. The photos will turn out looking better than if you took random shots of the desserts or white sandy beaches.

Give Small Details More Attention

Be on the lookout to capture little things that make all the difference. This gives your travel album a well-rounded outlook. There are spectacularly awesome aspects of nature and places that need a more closer look – it could be a close-up shot of a unique animal or an overlooked area in a building – these will turn out great on your iPhone camera.

Tell A Story With Your Photos

Using the “burst” function on the iPhone, you can tell an amazing story about your travel as it allows you to capture micro stories on the spot. Interesting shots of scenes such as a crowd at a car park or a close hug between two people who are reuniting can be captured remarkably well.








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