The Cost and The Perks of Hiring a Private Jet in South Africa

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Hiring a Private Jet in South Africa

Since the travel restrictions in our country have been relaxed slightly, a lot of eager travellers are asking: how much does a private jet cost in Africa? We have been banned from travelling for such a long time now that the travel bug has bitten hard. People are ready to explore the world once more. If you are fully vaccinated, travelling to most places (some countries still have South Africa on a red list as our COVID numbers were quite distressing) should be a breeze.

Let’s take a closer look at the costs and the perks involved in hiring a private jet in South Africa.

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The Costs

Let’s deal with the nitty-gritty before we get to the fun stuff. As with most businesses, the rates for hiring a private jet will vary depending on the time of year (naturally, it will cost more to travel in the high season), as well as a few other factors. If you are undertaking a more extended flight where a stopover and refuelling will be required, the price will be higher than it would be if you were flying locally, say from Cape Town to Johannesburg. Your catering requirements will influence the cost as well. If you require full meals, luxury food items, or meals tailored to specific dietary requirements, it will undoubtedly cost you more than if you only need a snack and some drinks. The size of the airport you are departing from, as well as overflight clearance for any international flights, will add to or take away from your booking costs as well. 

Last but not least, the type of aircraft you select will also influence the amount you pay to book the flights. An entry-level aircraft such as a Pilatus PC12 will cost around R20,000 per flight as a starting off point. Since the owner of the private jet is the one who sets the prices, not the company facilitating the hiring, there is not usually much wiggle room in the cost that they set down. Every aircraft has something called a “daily demurrage.” This refers to the minimum number of hours that you may hire a given craft for in the space of a trip or day. We suggest that you do some thorough research before you commit to a specific aircraft and in-flight plan. Ask around, read customer reviews to get some unbiased opinions of which companies will be best suited to your needs.

Image by Chalo Garcia via Pexels

The Perks

Now, the fun stuff! There are so many perks to hiring a private jet that you won’t think twice about the cost of the flight. Where to begin?

Firstly, of course, there is the convenience of not having to queue in a crowded airport. One of the main reasons that private flights have seen a radical increase in bookings is because people feel safer departing from and flying in a private environment. All private jet companies take the utmost care to ensure that their aircraft are adequately cleaned and sanitized before and after each flight, meaning that you are putting yourself and your family at much less risk than if you were to fly commercial. Flying on a private jet with your family or friends means that your flight will be much more relaxing. You’ll know everyone on board and will have chosen from many different companies so that the in-flight staff will be well suited to you. You’ll get to your destination relaxed and refreshed, instead of tired, stressed out, and potentially sick. There are many horror stories about aeroplane food, but if you fly in a private jet, you’ll only have great things to say about the in-flight meals because you choose them yourself. Depending on the company you hire, you may be able to choose a completely unique menu and from a wide array of foods already offered by the company.

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Another perk of flying by private jet, instead of commercially, is that you are much more able to set your own flight times. Instead of getting up at an ungodly hour and dragging the family to the airport, and then arriving at your destination ridiculously early, you can decide when you depart and when you arrive.

Do you have beloved fur babies that travel with you as part of the family? This would certainly not be allowed on a commercial flight, but on some private flights (it is essential to do your research beforehand so that there are no last-minute disasters), they make allowances for your pets to travel with you. What could be better than knowing that your pets are safe and that they never have to leave your side, even if you’re going on holiday?


Wrap Up

Hiring a private jet is an extravagance, but it is one that you and your family deserve after handling a challenging few years. The benefits make everything completely worth it! Will you be booking a private jet for the next time you travel?


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