10 Things You Absolutely Need On A Romantic Honeymoon In 2021

10 Things You Absolutely Need On A Romantic Honeymoon In 2021

10 Things You Absolutely Need On A Romantic Honeymoon In 2021

Congratulations on your beautiful wedding and finding love with your significant other.

Now it’s time to pack everything that you will need on your honeymoon to the special place you both have picked.

Amid the excitement and rush and trying to be with your partner just after you’ve both vowed forever to each other, a lot can get confusing.

This is why it’s advisable to have your bags packed before the ceremony. This way, you don’t get to forget the important things you absolutely need.

Considering the global pandemic faced in 2020, a lot has changed in traveling. This means that the things that did not seem necessary three years ago may have now become must-haves in your honeymoon travel bag in 2021.

For the 10 things you absolutely need to have along with you on your honeymoon vacation in 2021, you are just a few minutes away from finding out.

Jet Lag Relief

This is something that you absolutely need on your honeymoon in 2021. Take along homeopathic jet lag relief pills to deal with jet lag so that you can be on your best for your special honeymoon.

Lipstick-sized portable charger

This is a must-have on your honeymoon vacation. Easy to use and carry about, this portable charger is essential for you since your smartphone will be used to take pictures, and also for navigation and communication.

Reusable Water Bottle

You will need this to stay hydrated during your vacation. You can always get the Life Straw reusable water bottle that already comes with a built-in filter to make your water safe for drinking.

Hand Sanitizer, Nose Masks

For the new normal, these are now must-haves. Don’t be such in a hurry to leave with your love that you forget these essentials. Remember that staying safe is paramount even as you celebrate your love.


This is great for your day adventures. With a daypack along with you, you are guaranteed a great and adventurous honeymoon with your significant other as the daypack is lightweight, durable and large enough to get anything you need.

Sexy Lingerie

What’s a honeymoon without sexy lingerie to spice things up? You need to have this along with you to make your honeymoon all the more exciting and memorable.

Universal Power Adapter

Your honeymoon may be in foreign destinations so you will need to have a power adapter to plug in all your electronics. With a lifetime warranty guarantee and several USB ports, you are guaranteed a better honeymoon experience as you take on the world.

Insect Repellent

This is essential as your health should not be overlooked especially for such an auspicious occasion. It’s your honeymoon and you definitely don’t want it ruined by falling sick due to being bitten.

Personal Toiletries 

Your personal toothpaste, toothbrush, moisturizer, face wash, shower gel and the likes should come in handy with you. It’s better to have yours than expecting to rely on what the hotel will provide. It might not even be the brand you religiously use and this may have a reaction on your skin. No one wants that on a honeymoon.


This needs no overstatement. It’s important to carry cash in the currency of the country you are visiting. You should also take along a small amount of your home currency.






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