How to Change Chocobo Color in FFXIV?


In Final Fantasy XIV, a Chocobo is a companion which will fight side by side with the player to help them defeat enemies as well as can use them to get from one location to another fast. Chocobo is a very customizable companion and players can fully customize the looks of Chocobo by changing colours. The questions that how to get a Chocobo ffxiv trouble a large number of players but here is a guide to get you through the Chocobo unlocking process. Buy cd keys from Gamecamp.GG to save up on your desired video games.

Guide to unlock Chocobo

You need to reach level 20 to unlock the Chocobo Mount before you can finally ride Chocobo. Complete the “My Little Chocobo” quest and purchase a Chocobo issuance from the company quartermaster during the quest to unlock the mount.

To unlock Chocobo as a companion, you need to reach player level 30 first and then can summon Chocobo to travel with you in the realm. Unlocking Chocobo as a companion has the benefit of upgrading the abilities to increase its stats and get an upper hand over your enemies in the battle.

Chocobo companion has three different skill trees including, Defender, Attacker, and healer. You can make your Chocobo a damage dealer, a healer, or a tank by allocating the skill points into the desired skill tree at any given time.

Guide to change Chocobo Color

Desert Yellow is the default colour of Chocobo but players want to learn about how to change Chocobo color ffxiv and here is the step by step color-changing guide. You need to feed your Chocobo snacks in the desired combination and it will automatically change the color in some time.

After stabling the Chocobo, feed several snacks change to the RGB value accordingly and keep feeding it in the correct way to achieve the target color. There are seven different snacks available in FFXIV and Han Lemon snack is used to revert the Ffxiv Chocobo color to original if anything goes wrong. Below are the RGB values of all the available snacks.

  • Xelphatol Apple (RGB: +5/-5/-5) — Deepens red hue, reduces blue and green hues.
  • Doman Plum (RGB: -5/+5/+5) — Deepens blue and green hues, reducing red hue.
  • Mamook Pear (RGB: -5/+5/-5) — Deepens green hue, reduces blue and red hues.
  • Valfruit (RGB: +5/-5/+5) — Deepens blue and red hues, reduces green hue.
  • O’Ghomoro Berries (RGB: -5/-5/+5) — Deepens blue hue, reduces red and green hues.
  • Cieldalaes Pineapple (RGB: +5/+5/-5) — Deepens green and red hues, reduces blue hue.
  • Han Lemon — Restores default Desert Yellow colouration. (RGB: +5/-5/-5)

If the normal RGB value of each snack is between 0 to 255 and you need to keep the value by alternating between available snacks. By immediately removing Chocobo from the stable, you can remove the effects of a feeding mistake and stable it to restart the process. To change the color of the Chocobo mount, stable the Chocobo and start the feeding process from the first step.


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