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Everyone loves winter sports, but they often rent ammunition instead of buying their own snowboard or skis. If you don’t have enough money for snowboarding, play at the bookmaker in Nigeria. In the meantime, we are starting to analyze the various boards.

Nidecker Sensor (20-21)

A very beautiful, stylish, and high-quality new model will appeal to men who have reached heights in snowboarding. The model is optimal for professionals and advanced users. It will be very difficult for beginners to manage the board. The classic board is also suitable for freestyle, it has a Twin Tip shape and high rigidity, which is not designed for inexperienced skating.

The hardness level of 6 out of 10 will allow you to overcome difficult mountain slopes, unequipped trails. The snowboard has a combined deflection, which is not suitable for everyone, but will provide optimal contact with the surface for rapid acceleration and maneuvers. The sliding surface here is sintered (with graphite), which is achieved by hot pressing. The surface is the most rigid and resistant to scratches, chips and other damage, it also slides well, of course, with constant care.


Salomon Sleepwalker (19-20)

Salomon Sleepwalker is a high-quality model that is presented in different shades to choose from. Designed for men, the classic snowboard is also suitable for freestyle. The Twin Tip shape is optimal for fast riding by advanced riders and professionals. The stiffness here is average, the deflection is combined, this is what will increase the speed and in some cases simplify management.


The extruded sliding surface is made of polyethylene, which is rolled between two rollers, and then attached to the board. The advantages of such a coating are that the price is low, and the main advantage lies in the ease of care.


Salomon Oh Yeah (13-14)

Salomon Oh Yeah is not a new female model, which is very convenient and practical for the fair sex. The snowboard is designed for adult users, designed for freestyle. The shape of the Twin Tip will ensure optimal contact with the surface and simplify skating for a beginner.


This model will be a good gift to a beloved woman and daughter who wants to learn snowboarding, or to the girl who has already tried and liked it. It has an average level of rigidity – 4 out of 10, which will simplify skating for a novice athlete and increase maneuverability.


Nidecker Merc (19-20)

This snowboard is designed for adult men, and its design is designed for freestyle and for the classic style of skiing. The Twin Tip – Directional form is ideal for both beginners and advanced users.


Medium stiffness will be the best choice if you are just getting up on a snowboard, it is also recommended for more experienced riders, so this model is very versatile. The sandwich design with a combined deflection will improve the maneuverability and controllability of the inventory. The extruded sliding surface is optimal for most snowboards, it is easy to care for it, and its presence also affects the cost. The snowboard is designed for an average of 80-90 kg, but users with a body weight of about 50 kg can ride it.


Salomon Pulse (19-20)

This model is notable for being suitable for adult men and women, presented in red and black colors to choose from, and will also be a worthy gift to your significant other. The universal model is perfect for a beginner who is just trying to get on a snowboard and plans to start conquering the peaks.


The model has a combined deflection, which is very suitable for a novice user, since in some cases it increases maneuverability and agility. The sliding surface of the board is extruded here, which will make it easier to care for it. The snowboard is designed for lightweight (40 kg) and the heaviest users (105 kg).


Atom Freemind (20-21)

An unremarkable, but bright board will attract the attention of other users due to pleasant colors and a bright print. The new model is intended for women and men, it will be the best gift to a loved one for a birthday and New Year. The universal model is also designed for performing simple tricks and coups on mountain slopes.


The snowboard is designed for beginners and more experienced users. It combines an affordable price with good materials, so we safely recommend the model for purchase. The sintered sliding surface is made by hot pressing, so it is very strong, incredibly resistant to damage of various kinds, but requires regular careful maintenance. It has a combined deflection, which allows the inventory to successfully enter turns and improves maneuverability, which is especially important during the first rides.


Nidecker Score (19-20)

This modern and beautiful snowboard is designed for men, a versatile board is suitable for leisurely skiing and performing the simplest tricks.


It is easy to learn on this snowboard, it is recommended for beginners, as well as for those who already know how to ride. The core here is a vertical composite, the construction of medium rigidity is suitable for rolled equipped trails, but it will vibrate in deep snow. The combined deflection will allow you to take an average acceleration, in some cases increase maneuverability and fit perfectly into turns. The extruded sliding surface is easy to maintain and inexpensive, so it will be the best choice for an inexpensive snowboard for the first time.


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