THC Vape Pens: Here Are Our 5 Top Picks Which Are A Must-Buy

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THC Vape pen gained popularity among all people. They switched on to THC vaping from smoking nicotine. Inhaling THC in the form of vapor enters the limelight due to its numerous health benefits. Vaping cannabis is not harmful, and the cost is cheaper than smoking. Moreover, it gives instant effects and relieves you from diseases such as anxiety, stress, insomnia, etc.

Several people enjoy vaping THC to get relief from stress. It is difficult to find a reliable vape pen as the cannabis industry is not regulated. A wide range of vape pens is available in the market with different flavors and terpenes, giving your mind peace and calm after each puff. We enlisted five top picks of vape pens to buy in this article.

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What is a vape pen?

A vape pen is a handheld appliance made up of a battery anchored to a cartridge filled with cannabis concentrate, CBD, or THC concentrate.IT is a device used to vaporize the cannabis concentrates rather than burning them. It gives vapor instead of producing carcinogenic chemicals. Due to this reason, cannabis users prefer vape pens instead of smoking.


5 Top Picks of Vape Pens Which Are A Must-Buy

Five brands are selected after conducting thorough research, and they are safe to use. If you have planned to vape, find out the one with flavorful and potent vapes given in this article.

Image by Lindsay Fox from Pixabay

1. Exhale wellness

Exhale wellness is the best THC cartridge plant-based, and this company is in Los Angeles. They are cannabis lovers with several years of experience in this industry. Quality hemp is used and makes people experience the health benefits. There is a wide range of THC-infused products.

According to their lifestyle, people can get their desired THC products, such as oils, edibles, etc., according to their lifestyle, at affordable prices. All their products are prepared using natural ingredients only. They are free from dairy, gluten, and gelatin. You should not worry about allergies due to artificial colors, flavors, etc. You can save a lot of money by subscribing to their products on discounts, and they offer free economy shipping.

The Exhale wellness team works for people to have the best life through the power of nature. They manufacture all the products from plant-based ingredients in the cartridges. You can easily incorporate their products into daily routines. It is convenient to use and suitable for all people.



  1. Every product is made using high-quality hemp products grown in the United States.
  2. One can get a wide range of products to meet their expectations
  3. Providing high-quality customer service
  4. Free shipping to all their customers

, e. Products free from artificial chemicals

  1. 30-days money-back guarantee is given if their products are not satisfied



The only disadvantage is that their products are available only online.


Review of customers

According to the review given by their customers, Exhale offers good quality products with smoother, lighter, and flavorful vaping experiences.


2. Budpop

It offers the most potent THC cartridges, and this company has young people with a great experience in the cannabis industry. They give safe cannabis products to their customers with good quality. They specialize in products like hemp flowers, gummies, and vape cartridges. Based on the preference shown by customers, they gave different flavors.

In this company, all the products are created based on the FDA norms and Farm Bill 2018. We prepare gummies using broad-spectrum extracts. The remaining products are ready with full-spectrum extracts. They labeled the side effects, descriptions, and warnings on the products. They are very transparent to their customers.

The vape pen consists of food-grade silicone and high-quality stainless steel with a ceramic heater designed for hemp. A certificate of analysis remains on the website, where the customers can find third-party lab test reports and get information regarding potency level, delta-9 THC content, extract type, etc.



  1. Third-party lab test reports are provided
  2. High-quality products at a reasonable price
  3. 30 days money-back guarantee policy
  4. Free shipping for all orders



  1. One can order products only from their official website


3. Hollyweed

Hollyweed gives incredible product quality with different flavors of delta-8 THC products. They use organic hemp sources to prepare tetrahydrocannabinol and infuse it onto delta-8 products. All the products are gluten and dairy-free, which gives natural, tasty, and enjoyable products on the market.


A collection of cannabis products, such as cartridges, tinctures, gummies, hemp flowers, pods, etc., are available on their website. It gained attraction towards people for its numerous health benefits. They use unique strains to produce delicious flavors and blends. No artificial flavors and colors are present, and it is safe to consume. A third-party lab test report ensures the products are of a high standard.

Exotic gummies are available with 100% natural ingredients, and people can chew them easily. It contains less than 0.3%. There are several positive reviews from customers on their website about usage, effectiveness, and other information. It takes 37 days to ship products to US customers.



  1. All the products are made of organic and natural ingredients
  2. Vegan-friendly products
  3. They use organic hemp grown in the US



  1. Products are available only on their websites


4. CBD Fx

CBD Fx provides trustworthy and high-quality THC vape pens. It is one of the pure cartridges prepared using full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. The cartridges are designed based on the laws of reputable brands. They use organic hemp and no added pesticides, artificial additives, or preservatives.

They use a carbon dioxide extraction process and eliminate all the impurities present after the extraction. About 12 different flavors, such as strawberry, lemonade, blue raspberry, melon cooler, etc., are available with cartridges, which satisfies the need of their customers. Disposable cartridges with 30 mg and 50 mg of cannabinoids are present. You can get them at affordable prices.

The constant supply of vaping power by a 400mah battery opted for the vapers. 510- threading connectors are connected to the removable CBD Fx cartridges to increase performance. Overcharging remains prevented by using an overcharge shield, and it is safe to use. 15-20% discounts are available for the purchase.

They provide lab test reports for pesticides, toxins, solvents, heavy metals, etc.



  1. Pocket size vape pen convenient for mobility
  2. Lightweight
  3. 30-day money-back guarantee
  4. Good battery life



  1. Only one cartridge is provided.


5. 3Chi

THC vape pens of 3Chi are one of the reputable and trustworthy brands. Vape cartridges are glass bottles provided with a mouthpiece at one end. The core consists of ceramic, giving the people the best experience of vaping. They provide third-party lab reports, which confirm the purity and safety of the products.

You can use the cartridge daily, and it is available in different concentrations, which is suitable for the need of the people. Different flavors, such as blue dream, green crack, etc., are present, which gives various effects.



  1. Excellent customer service
  2. Organic and natural ingredients



  1. Products cannot be returned



All the above-given top picks of vape pens are reputed brands. They carry out all the production processes carefully to meet the expectation of the vapers. You can enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids immediately without waiting for the effects to kick in. It will give peace and calm while you take each puff. Have a joyful vaping.


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