Streamline your short-term and long-term blue-collar recruitment with MASA


MASA Outsourcing is widely considered to be one of South Africa’s top outsourcing companies. Candidates are interviewed by MASA’s expert consultants to ensure they have the necessary capabilities for the position.

MASA’s primary objective is to provide their clients with the best possible labour service and staffing in the country. MASA’s services and recruitment are unparalleled, and they have a database of hundreds of potential candidates.

In this article, we take a closer look at how MASA enables businesses to streamline the blue-collar recruitment process.


1.    Technology-driven recruitment solutions

Systems for information technology, payroll, digital administration, and office management are dynamic and constantly evolving.

Because this, MASA’s in-house digital specialists, designers, developers, and software engineers keep tabs on industry developments and trends in order to produce cutting-edge software and hardware.

The global leader in the hosting industry, First Technologies, ensures the safety of MASA’s data by storing it in many geographically dispersed data centers.


2.    An expert team of recruiters

MASA has assembled a formidable group of specialists from diverse fields to form its energetic team.

As the reputable core of the Measured Ability family, the team uses tried-and-true techniques and expertise honed over the course of four decades. The team covers all bases with a comprehensive offering that includes outsourced payroll services in South Africa.


3.    A comprehensive database of CVs

Modern technological infrastructures facilitate the entire recruitment process at MASA, from sourcing and selecting candidates to publishing and retrieving open positions.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and employing proven international candidate networks and marketing techniques, MASA can source a sizable pool of thoroughly screened and mobile experts from all over the world.


4.    Effective vacancy postings

MASA utilizes a unified, state-of-the-art interface that is linked to extensive national and international job forum databases, which in turn are integrated with all pertinent social media sites and digital platforms.

MASA also uses the services of outsourced industry professionals to ensure that only the most cutting-edge SEO strategies and methods are used.


5.    Valuable training services

Training for both permanent and temporary workers is provided, with a focus on onboarding, learner-ships, and value-added services.


The benefits of outsourcing blue-collar recruitment

Lower operating costs, more rapid expansion, sharper attention to detail, and higher quality service are just some of the ways in which outsourcing can boost your bottom line.

With the pace of business only expected to increase as a result of technology advancements, outsourcing is the only option that gives companies the adaptability they need to compete in the global market of today.

Losses from theft and fraud can be drastically cut by teaming up with a blue-collar outsourcer like MASA because of the stringent screening processes they put in place.

Outsourcing allows businesses to grow or downsize their workforce as needed, without incurring the fixed costs and regulatory constraints of full-time staffing.

Using an outsourcing partner means having access to a staff that is constantly being taught and upskilled, which increases efficiency and profits.

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