DIY and spring-cleaning ideas


The first few months of the year are a great time for spring cleaning and decluttering your home. Before embarking on a spring clean though, it is worth investigating the best cleaning appliances to have. These make the task of cleaning that bit easier, not just during a spring clean, but also for day-to-day maintenance. A vacuum cleaner is essential for anyone who has carpeting in their home, while a spin scrubber is a handy device to have that can be used in multiple areas around the house.


Easy decor tips and tricks

If you enjoy a fresh start to your year with a spring clean, then it may also be a good time to invest some time in interior design and decor in your house or apartment. There are various ways to spruce up the decor in your home without breaking the bank. Repainting a room with a fresh new colour can give it a new lease of life, for example, as can choosing a bold colour for a feature wall. It is also very effective to spice up your interior decor with rugs and other textiles such as cushions, blankets and wall hangings.

Decorating your home, whether you rent or own your place, can be cheap, easy and fun when you choose the right jobs and materials – plus, it lets you accentuate certain areas of your home. For instance, choose new curtains or blinds to frame windows and get them tailored to a suitable length for your windows – whether they are floor length or short, curtains set at the correct length will complement the windows they are dressing. Other easy ways to freshen up a room in your home include the following:

  • Floor and table lamps are a great way to add soft lighting to a living room for cosy evenings.
  • Framed pictures hung evenly at various heights can add character to any living room, bedroom or hallway.
  • Soft carpets create a luscious, cosy ambience and are a great option for adding warmth and texture to a living room or bedroom.
  • Invest in great storage options to keep clutter and household items at bay.
  • Bring the outdoors indoors by investing in some plants and greenery for your kitchen. A herb garden is also a great option for adding a fresh touch. A selection of herbs like thyme, basil and coriander are also great for adding into recipes when cooking.
  • Collect ideas and inspiration online for ways to transform your home through interior design.


Upcycling and repairs

When starting any DIY or home decor task, it is always helpful to gather the materials and equipment needed and have them at hand before starting. Items and tools such as a drill, hammer, nails, paint brushes and masking tape make certain DIY jobs much easier. Likewise, if you are repairing damaged household items, investing in a suitable epoxy or glue can make this task far easier and long-lasting. An all-purpose glue can be used on a range of materials, from wood to metal to glass. There are also more specialised glue products to suit all scenarios and repair requirements, whether it’s indoor or outdoor repairs.

Upcycling and repairing existing household items are a sustainable way to approach upkeep in your home, plus, it costs a lot less than simply replacing broken or damaged items. In the case of upcycling, repainting old furniture or repurposing old items can give them a new lease on life. Reupholstering an old chair, for example, is a great way to get creative and bring your own designs to life, while also being sustainable and avoiding disposing of an old piece of furniture.

Take advantage of warmer months to spruce up your home with a declutter and some fresh decor.


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