Spice up your décor with rugs


As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life, and the same applies to the rugs you choose to adorn your home. Despite what you may think, there is no reason that every room in your home should look the same, and mixing and matching styles can create a fabulous overall effect. Different colour rugs, styles, patterns and textures can all complement one another, whilst seamlessly fitting together.

Rugs Original is South Africa’s largest importer of Persian, Oriental and Machine-Made rugs, view their rugs for sale. Rugs Original has this advice to offer when spicing up your home décor style:


  1. From the moment someone enters your home, they are presented with its overall aesthetic, so make sure that your entrance is welcoming and inviting. Whether you choose a vintage style or something more modern, adding a rug or runner to this area will not only demarcate the area, but will create a sense of arrival. Ideally you want to use a non-plush rug as it will be a high traffic area.
  2. Your living room is likely the place where you will entertain the most, and the rug you choose here will determine the overall feel of this room. If you wish for the area to have a sophisticated ambiance, opt for a Persian rug or a rug with a limited print, such as our Elegant collection. If you wish for the area to have a more modern feel, add a rug that offers a trendy geometric design, such as our Shuffle or Shard ranges.
  3. Most dining room areas are rug free, but we suggest quite the opposite. Adding a rug to this area will elevate the entire space, and choosing a flatweave rug is your best option, as these are easy to clean. Choose a neutral hue, such as something from our Natural Grace or Patio Grace ranges, or go bold with a rug from our T-star collection.
  4. As South Africans, we entertain significantly more outdoors than most countries, so don’t neglect your outdoor space. This area is meant to be fun and entertaining so you can choose something bolder or busier, such as our Panama or Rayne ranges. These rugs are also specifically designed to be placed in outdoor spaces, and are UV treated, mildew-resistant and easy to clean.


Whatever your style or taste, just know that adding a rug to any space in your home can set the tone for the entire room, or alter it!


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