The Richest Crypto Investors From Around The Globe


The Crypto world is massive. Although most people think that investing in Crypto is not going to be helpful in the coming years, many wealthy people from around the world believe this to be untrue. That is why they continue to make investments in Cryptocurrency and standout like no other. We promise; it helps them like no other.


In this article, we will help you learn about the wealthiest Crypto users in the world who will make you want to invest in it. But before you move on to that, do not forget to start using Bitcoin Code for a more comprehensive experience. It is bound to help you. You can also speak to a few experts to learn more about this site.

  1. Brian Armstrong 

We have all heard of this genius man who has done incredible things with his money. He is known as the Chief Executor at Coinbase Global. Armstrong was also an Airbnb software engineer during his early days, after which he decided to join this excellent Crypto exchange firm in the United States. He continues to invest in Cryptos, and today Coinbase has a net worth of almost $1.47Billion. That is why the company is so well-known across the globe today.

  1. Brad Garlinghouse

The CEO of the most famous financial Blockchain technology, Brad is also a Crypto lover and wishes to continue making investments in it for long. He owns a 6.3% stake in the Ripple Labs firm, making him quite rich to be forgotten easily. But what is most unbelievable is that his private network comes near $3billion. So, if you also wish to be as rich as he is today, make sure you are making investments in the right sector. We promise; keeping such things in mind can help you level up in no time.


  1. Barry Silbert

The potential CEO and Founder of Digital Currency Group (DCG), Barry is highly famous for his contributions in the field of Crypto. You will also be shocked to know that the DCG firm is, in fact, a group of five companies relating to Cryptocurrency. To date, his company is known for having invested in nearly 200 Crypto startups. So, you can imagine how far it is bound to go with the exact estimation. Today, Barry Silbert’s private networth adds up to nearly $1.9Billion.

  1. Jihan Wu

If you have heard of Bitmain Technologies, a Chinese company, you are also most likely to know about Jihan Wu. He founded the firm in 2013 and continues to be a vital part of it. Today, his company is known for being one of the biggest Chinese Crypto mining firms. It is also recognized all across the globe.

The Bottom Line 

These famous persons are all the people who are rich and continue to invest in Crypto. Apart from them, Vitalik Buterin, Tim Draper, and Michael Saylor are also a vital part of this list. So, start investing in Crypto now to become one of them.


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