How To Set Up An Online Betting Account In South Africa


Sports Betting over the years have moved from betting offline in a particular location to betting at the comfort of your room, thanks to the internet.

With your phone or computer, you can bet, fund your bet account and cash out easily when you win.

Like the rest of the world, South Africans are also big players when it comes to bets and gambling.

Perhaps you are a newbie and have been wondering on how you can move from offline betting to online. Well, it is a easy as ABC and can be done within 5 minutes through your phone or computer depending on how internet savvy you are.

The first thing is to know the bookmaker you want to want to register with. Making this decision is quite hard as there many bookmaker sites in South Africa.

However, you may want to consider the reputation of your preferred bookmaker before registering as you you will be funding your account with your money.

Also, you have to consider how secured their platform is and how easy it is to cash out when you win.

In this case, it is always best to register with the big brands as they have a reputation to protect and wouldn’t want any damage to their name. Also, they have the money to spend on site security, therefore you assured of data protection.

Below is how you can set up an online betting account in South Africa;

1. Once you have decided on the bookmaker you want to register with, the next thing is to visit their site and start the process of opening an account. You will see a registration link, click on it.

2. Next you will have to supply your personal details which will include: name, date of birth, mobile number, valid email address. Also you will be required to submit a username and password unique to you, as well as a security question and answer.

3, In most cases, you will need to activate your account. This is done by accessing the e-mail sent by the betting company to the email address you provided. Simply click on the email verification link and from here the account set-up should be complete.


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