Mobile Trading is a New Trend


Gaining more and more popularity as a source of income, trading spreads around the world. Brokers are the first to notice these changes and feel the demand for more trading freedom. To make trading more accessible with only a smartphone and nothing else, a well-known international broker FBS featured its mobile trading platform FBS Trader.

Having FBS professional experience and best practices at hand, FBS Trader is all about being functional and reliable. The regular updates are aimed at making it better and more efficient. FBS puts all its effort into making FBS Trader a powerful tool for everyone interested in trading and who wants to trade mobile in any part of the world.

Time is the most precious value, and to save it FBS Trader features a straightforward and intuitive interface. It takes a few clicks to choose an instrument and perform the necessary settings. Regardless of a user’s skill level, FBS Trader is easy to master and suits novice traders.

Unlike other mobile trading platforms, FBS Trader comprises only necessary features that a trader can make use of. Encompassing the advantages of MetaTrader, FBS Trader aims to simplify trading and make it accessible for everyone. For any questions that may arise, FBS Trader has professional 24/7 client support that is always ready to help.

The trading that everyone got used to is now changing to become more mobile and world-spread. FBS Trader allows its users to progress as traders anywhere and at any time, and stay tuned for any market movements that can happen.

Meet CFD in FBS Trading Platform

FBS is a reliable and licensed broker with its own easy-to-operate trading platform called FBS Trader. It is a powerful tool, which applies to both beginner traders and experienced ones. FBS Trader opens the door to a multitude of instruments associated with comfort trading. Among them are over 50 currency pairs, metals, oil, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. Starting in March 2020, FBS clients have opportunities to use CFDs right from the FBS Trader app.

To make it more clear, CFD (the contract for difference) is defined as an agreement between an investor and a broker. It allows exchanging the difference in the value of an asset between the moment traders open the contract and close it. CFD is a leveraged product. That is why it may increase the potential profit. Although, it implies additional risks too. Therefore, traders have to be prepared for it and bear it in mind this information while trading.

The FBS trading platform app makes the way to the financial markets more accessible. There is nothing simpler than using all the necessary trading tools on a mobile device. Everything important is at hand. Trading anytime on the go is a reality now.

Thanks to FBS Trader, traders are able to see the full picture of their trading performances and check the statistics and state of the deals. They also can analyze the tactics they practice and choose the best option in every particular session. Moreover, it has a customized and way less complicated interface than MT. FBS Trader with chances to try trading with CFDs takes the whole market experience to a brand new level.


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